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Camp Fires

We believe you can't have bush camping without a good camp fire.

We allow camp fires providing they are in a fire pit off the ground.

We have provided a fire pit in the camp kitchen for all campers to use.

Alternatively you can bring your own or hire one at the office.

Camp fire rules.

You must follow these rules failure to do so will lead to fines and no camp fires for future campers.

1) NO camp fires on the ground. Minimum $50 fine.

2) Must be in fire pit no bigger than 1m.

3) Must be 3m from any trees or shrubs.

4) Must be in reach of fire hose.

5) No collecting of wood from trees within our park of anywhere within Port Campbell fines up to $2,500 apply.

Fire wood can be purchased from our camp manager for $10 per bag.

6) All Coals and ash must be disposed of correctly never throw in bushes/vegetation.

7) An adult must be present at all times.


8) Fire must be completely extinguished before going to bed or leaving the grounds. 

9) No fires will be permitted on days of total fire ban

For more information on fire rating please visit

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